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Raizer M Guide | Price & How To Use

Over the years, we have supplied Raizer 2 Lifting Chairs to ambulance services, hospitals, assisted living facilities, and care homes.

This revolutionary standing aid quickly lifts up an uninjured fallen person from the in less than a minute…and can even be controlled by a remote.

However, we are also regularly asked for a more cost-effective version of the Raizer lifting chair for use in anyone’s home if it is ever needed.

Falls Statistics in the UK:

Falls are understandably a concern for older adults and individuals with decreased mobility:

  • 1 in 3 people aged 65+ has a fall each year
  • Falls cost the NHS more than £2.3 billion a year
  • Falls account for 8- 10% of all 999 calls
  • Falls are a leading cause of emergency hospital admissions for over 65s

These stats can be worrying for families wanting to keep a relative safe and out of hospital.

These falls do not always lead to injuries and don’t require emergency services but too often ambulances and first responders are involved in picking up uninjured fallen people from the floor.

The Raizer M Lifting Chair – A Cost Effective Falls Recovery Device

The Raizer M Lifting Chair was introduced to help people deal with falls of uninjured people without the need for ambulance call-outs.

So, let’s take a closer look at the Raizer M Lifting Chair and everything you need to know about it including its price, how to use it and the differences between the Raizer M & Raizer 2 Lifting Chairs.

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What is a Raizer M Lifting Chair?

The Raizer M is a manual falls lifting chair that is designed for easy use around the home and operated via a side crank handle. Assemble around a fallen person, slide the pieces into the seat unit and begin lifting users up to 150kg (23.6 stone).

This falls response device can be operated by just one person, allowing them to help someone safely back to their feet after a fall and assembly of the Raizer M Lifting Chair takes just a few minutes.

The simple hand crank system means you never need to worry about charging the device before use.

The simple, straightforward design of the Raizer M Lifting Chair minimises the risk of any injuries by providing an ergonomically correct lift. This means that there’s no additional strain on the body of the person being lifted or the person operating the Raizer M. What’s more, you can store it away when it’s not in use.

How Does the Raizer M Lifting Chair Work?

Made from seven lightweight components, the Raizer M chair is assembled around a fallen person to lift them back to a seated or standing position.

Whereas the Raizer 2 is powered by electric, the Raizer M simply uses a hand crank to get the chair moving and gently lift the fallen person from the floor.

How To Use The Raizer M Lifting Chair | Step-by-step Instructions

  • Approach the fallen person and ensure they are on their back and uninjured.

  • With the fallen person laid on their back – ask them to lift their knees to a right angle (or just as close as possible).
  • Slide the seat unit behind their knees and up towards their posterior.

  • Slide the two backrest pieces into the top of the unit & four leg pieces into the bottom of the seat unit. You will hear a click when these pieces are securely locked in place.

Tip: Ask the faller to roll to one side (helping them if necessary) so you can slide the back panel beneath their shoulder blade.

  • All leg pieces fit into any part of the seat so you don’t have to get the right ones every time!
  • Insert the crank handle on either side of the seat unit & fasten the lap belt around the fallen person’s hips
  • Begin turning the handle and the Raizer M Lifting Chair will start lifting the fallen person up to a seated position!
  • Fasten the lap belt across the faller’s hips and begin the lifting process

You can set up the Raizer M in around three minutes and have someone back on their feet soon after.

Who is it for?

Whereas the Raizer 2 is designed for more demanding multi-user environments, the Raizer M Lifting Chair has been designed for individuals to use in their own homes.


Private users need a simple, straightforward, easy-to-use fall assistance device that gets the job done. Whether it’s for your relative, spouse, or a client you provide domiciliary care for, the Raizer M is the right option for you.


The ‘M’ stands for manual because this model doesn’t need electric power to work. It’s an easy, stress-free way to ensure that the people around you are taken care of and can get back on their feet with very little hassle.

Raizer M vs Raizer 2

Raizer M manually lifts the person with a simple hand crank device while the Raizer 2 is electrically controlled & has a higher price. There is no difference in assembly.

There are a also differences in the ideal areas to use the lifting chairs:

  • The Raizer M is designed for at-home use by private individuals, whereas the Raizer II is more high-spec for multi-user care environments.

Comparing Raizer Lifting Chairs

How Much is a Raizer?

The price of the Raizer M Lifting Chair is £1795 with VAT relief (see eligibility) & £2154 without VAT relief. 

You can buy the Raizer M Lifting Chair online – Vivid Care can provide swift delivery straight to your door.


The ‘M’ in the Raizer M stands for manual. But it could just as easily stand for ‘manageable’ or ‘movement’ because that’s exactly what the Raizer M provides.

It is imperative that people take the right precautions to prevent any unnecessary hospital stays or ambulance callouts.


The Raizer M Lifting Chair can:


  • Help lift fallen people who are uninjured from the floor
  • Makes home fall assistance safe & accessible for more people
  • Reduce stress on paramedics & first responders


A falls response device that promotes independence, lets people look after one another with ease and dignity and is easy-to-use – the Raizer M Lifting Chair is an affordable lifting device for elderly & low mobility users who are at risk of falls.


If you have more questions or need more information, you can arrange a free video demonstration with the Vivid Care team:


    Please note: We are not a care agency, so are not recruiting for any carers or care staff!


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    27 January 2021

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