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Raizer Lifting Chair | Cost of Servicing & Maintenance | 2024

It is essential to keep your Raizer lifting chair in top working order so it is ready for whenever you need it. Here we cover what you can expect maintenance to cost so you can budget and plan for your the maintenance of your Raizer.

How Much Does The Raizer Cost To Service?

The good news is the Raizer is not subject to LOLER lifting regulations, like hoists, that require a 6-monthly LOLER test. This is because the Raizer lifts from the floor, so is not a suspended lift like someone being hoisted in a sling.

The Raizer requires an annual service, which costs between £180-£200 depending on your location in the UK. Servicing should only be undertaken by a qualified Raizer technician with the appropriate computer software.

The Raizer M doesn’t require servicing as it doesn’t have any motors or electrical components, and only requires a crank handle to operate. This is more cost-effective from a maintenance point of view but a longer and more manual lift is involved on the flip-side. Preventative maintenance should be carried out with the Raizer M by following the below tips, and spraying the crank mechanism with lubricating oil (e.g. WD40) to keep it working effectively.

How Much Does The Raizer Cost To Maintain?

Keeping The Raizer In Good Condition

Good housekeeping helps keep your Raizer in good condition and reduces the ongoing cost of maintenance and parts. Follow the below maintenance tips to keep your Raizer in top working order:

  • Overload – in order to avoid damage the Raizer is fitted with an overload cutout, which halts the lift when triggered and issues an audible alarm.In the event of overload, run the chair down to the horizontal position/floor level. The maximum weight is 150kg. For safety reasons, the Raizer is designed to sink slowly under heavy loads. This has been introduced in order to avoid mechanical breakage in the event of an overload.
  • Do not subject the Raizer to severe knocks or blows as this can affect product functionality.
  • Keep the remote control dry and do not subject it to severe blows, such as by throwing it or dropping it, etc. Cleaning may only be done using a well-wrung cloth.
  • Never use a high-pressure jet or running water to rinse the chair, as this can damage the product.
  • Charging – always ensure the Raizer is fully charged so it is immediately available for use when required. Two chargers are supplied with the device, and we recommend that it is always on charge when not in use.
  • Storage – the Raizer can be stored wherever desired. However, lifting speed will be reduced if the battery temperature falls below 0ºC.In practice, though, even if stored in a vehicle in a severe frost (-15ºC), if charged, the Raizer will always be able to perform its task.
  • Cleaning – the Raizer is not water-proof. General cleaning may only be done using a well-wrung cloth. DO NOT use running water, a high-pressure jet or a hose directly on the Raizer. You can disinfect your Raizer using disinfectant sprays such as “Clinell”. The hygiene cover is a useful accessory to protect the seat section of the Raizer from stains and ingress.
  • Disassembly — after lifting the fallen person, remember to lower the lifting chair again so that the slots are in the correct position for the next use.

Engineer Callouts

If you have a problem with your Raizer, our on-site callout charges range between £100 and £200, as we apply an extra mileage charge for distances further than 80 miles from our head office.

Alternatively, if you are local or in the Harrogate area, we have a reduced hourly rate for items brought into our workshop.


Additional parts can be purchased individually or as a pack. Some of the most common parts that service users replace are:

  • Top seat plate
  • Bottom seat plate
  • Charger
  • Remote control
  • Backrest paddles
  • Legs
  • Lap belts

Prices of these parts vary, averaging around £100 each, ranging from belts at £28 to a remote control at £195. A full parts list is available on request, and we apply special discounts for purchase of a whole parts package. Some of the popular accessories in the parts pack include:

  • Trolley
  • Torso belt
  • Headrest

Accessory prices range from £30 to £225 and cost the same for both versions of the Raizer.

What Is The Warranty Period For A Raizer?

The Raizer comes with a 2 year warranty, which we provide on the condition that we service the Raizer within the first 12 months. The warranty covers manufacturing defects only, not accidental damage or user error.

How Much Do Raizer Service Contracts Cost?

We have a range of service contracts available, which are particularly suited to care organisations that have several Raizers in use over different locations, and need their servicing programme streamlined. These typically last for a 3-5 year period, and the main benefits over and above standard annual servicing include:

  • Planned Annual Servicing and your own dedicated account manager
  • Remote Technical Support (varies depending on level of contract)
  • Fast Video or Phone Access to Our Trained Engineers (varies depending on level of contract)
  • Guaranteed Response Times
  • Reduced Rates for Callouts and Parts

Costs for service contracts range between £350 and £600 per annum, you can choose from our silver/gold/platinum levels or speak to our service contracts adviser to see which level is best for you.

If you have bought the first edition of the Raizer (Raizer 1), this is being discontinued at the end of 2024 and parts and backup will no longer be available. We have some offers available to help you upgrade to the current version of the Raizer (Raizer 2). Find out more here, where we offer discounted parts packages to keep you going for the duration of the Raizer 1 and promotions to help you upgrade to the Raizer 2.


The Raizer is very cost-effective to maintain due to its simple functionality and design. Service contracts are an even more cost-effective option for multi-user environments as they take all the admin and ‘heavy lifting’ of organising servicing away from your staff, leaving us to run your servicing programme.

    Please note: We are not a care agency, so are not recruiting for any carers or care staff!

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