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Permobil F5 Corpus Electric Wheelchair

The Permobil F5 Corpus with agile suspension stands out as an ideal choice for those looking for that indoor/outdoor hybrid wheelchair.  At home inside with it’s ActiveReach and ActiveHeight functionality, or outdoors on varying surfaces and longer journeys, it can offer all-round independence and mobility.


  • Fully independent agile suspension
  • ActiveReach programmable forward tilt to assist with reaching,
  • Optional advanced control system with full colour LCD display,
  • Speed – 12 kmh (7.5 mph),
  • Seat Tilt: -45° to 50°,
  • Seat Lift – 35 cm.



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    Product Features

    Your Indoor & Outdoor Hybrid

    The Permobil F5 Corpus Electric Wheelchair with agile suspension stands out as an ideal choice for those seeking enhanced mobility for a more dynamic lifestyle, as it is a great hybrid for indoor and outdoor use. It can be easily driven on many difference surfaces and for long distances, whilst maintaining the highest levels of comfort and stability.  Its exceptional manoeuvrability with a tight turning circle (74cm radius) allows the user to navigate tight spaces too.

    The F5 Corpus provides versatility with alternative driving controls for those not using a joystick, along with dedicated controls for assistants or caregivers. Additionally, for transport convenience, the removal of the upper backrest reduces the wheelchair’s overall size.

    Included in the package, the Permobil VoltPro charger and battery deliver 25% more capacity, extending the wheelchair’s range, and contributing to a 50% improvement in battery lifespan.

    This comprehensive list of features not only ensures enhanced mobility but also has the potential to bring about a positive shift in the user’s lifestyle, fostering greater independence and accessibility in daily activities.


    Beyond conventional features, the F5 boasts the ground-breaking ActiveHeight powered seat lift, enabling users to travel at speeds of up to 5 km/h while fully elevated.


    This seamlessly integrates with the ActiveReach function, offering a distinctive advantage in accessing surroundings. With a forward tilt of up to 45° and increased elevation, the ActiveReach function significantly aids in transfers and day-to-day activities, such as reaching a book on the shelf or grabbing the TV remote from on top of the chest.

    Permobil Corpus Seating

    Also incorporating the Permobil Corpus Seating system which is completely customisable and can be adapted to the natural form of the users body, which has been proven to help reduce the risk of pressure injuries developing. It is available with five power seating functions and three programmable seat memories, meaning the users comfort and well-being is totally assured.

    The seat can be rotated 180°, making mounting and dismounting easy.  Our in-house Permobil expert carries out a home visit and assessment for a full in-depth discussion including taking all the necessary measurements to ensure the most perfect fit for you.  Once your measurements have been taken, discussions can occur about additional features (if needed) with our expert to create a custom power wheelchair that meets all your personal requirements.

    A Bespoke Solution

    Our Vivid Care team of assessors and Permobil experts are here to help you create a fully customised mobility solution, to meet all of your individual care requirements.  Following a private and free of charge assessment, either at your home or in our showroom, we will help you to identify the correct additional features and adjustments to better support you, and enable a more independent and agile lifestyle.  With your postural seating and standing needs met, as well as pressure care and social desires considered, you can be sure to enjoy levels of freedom and comfort you never dreamed possible!

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    Product Specifications

    Seat Width: 420 — 570 mm by 50 mm increments
    Effective Seat Depth: 370 — 570 mm by 25 mm increments
    Power Tilt Options: 0° - 50° Posterior and 5°, 10°, 20° & 45° Anterior (20°/45° require VS legrest)
    Recline Options: 85º - 120° (manual), 85º-180° (power)
    Legrest Elevation: 85° - 170°
    Legrest Angle: 90° - 180°
    Backrest Heights: 470, 545 — 670mm (by 25 mm)
    Driving Range: 40 km
    Minimum Turning Radius: 76.2 cm
    Armrest Pad Lengths: 10", 13", 16" & 18"
    Optional Seat Elevator: 14"
    Wheel Configuration: Front wheel drive
    Crash Tested: Yes
    Max. User Weight: 150 kg

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